• Model: TE56#1050 French Linen Ball for Bulldog, 15 cm
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English Bulldog Training Ball-Shaped Dog Bite Toy

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Ball-Shaped French Linen Bite Toy with Handle for Bulldog Training

What to start your Bulldog bite training with? First of all you need to choose professional equipment that will be safe, effective and won't tear in a few lessons! It's very important to have a reliable tool to make Bulldog training sessions fruitful. That's why we produce only high-quality gear, which is widely used by professional trainers.

This dog bite toy is our new item for Bulldog bite skills development. It's intended for basic training to prepare your Bully for further exercising with a bite sleeve. Try this Bulldog toy and enjoy fun and profitable workouts!

Attention! Never leave your Bulldog with the bite toy alone. It's a dog training tool and not a dog chewing toy. Don't let the dog to bite the handle, it's for you to hold the toy. It's only the toy itself for Bulldog to train in biting.

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Bulldog Toys UK

Ball-Shaped Stuffed Bite Toy for Bulldog Training

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Bright Bulldog Bite Training Toy of French Linen

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Stuffed Dog Toy UK for Bulldog

Super Strong and Comfortable Nylon Handle

Main features of this Soft Dog Bite Toy:

  • high-quality and safe
  • extra durable nylon handle
  • non-toxic and hypoallergic
  • dog-friendly stuffing
  • colorful exterior
  • firmly stitched
  • top quality

Proper use of this Stuffed Dog Bite Toy:

  • Bulldog training
  • bite grip training
  • games with Bulldog

Sizes and Weight of this Bulldog Toy:

  • Diameter: 6 inch (15 cm)
  • Weight: 11.2 oz (320 g)


  • French Linen
  • colors may vary (no option to choose)

This stuffed dog toy has a shape of a soccer ball. This makes the toy convenient to bite. We used only dog-friendly and super strong materials like French Linen (for the bite toy), nylon (for the handle) and hypoallergic stuffing. Our bite toy is of bright color mix. It will certainly attract your Bulldog's attention. Reliably stitched with reinforced thread. Handle is very convenient. Your Bully will like to train with this toy!

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