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Soft Dog Muzzle with Spikes and Studs for American Bulldog

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Soft Dog Muzzle Spiked and Studded for American Bulldog

This soft dog muzzle is a designer dog accessory for American Bulldog. Dog muzzle is an essential dog outfit for Bulldog daily activities and it`s very pleasant when it combines top quality, functionality and exclusive design. Brass studs contrast with nickel spikes and create an inimitable style of the dog muzzle. Selected genuine leather and soft Nappa padding provides maximum comfort for your pet. Let your American Bulldog look stunning and feel free with this soft dog muzzle!

Soft Dog Muzzle

Soft Dog Muzzle with Nickel Spikes and Brass Studs

Padded Dog Muzzle

Leather Dog Muzzle with Nappa Padding for American Bulldog

Main features of this Soft Dog Muzzle:

  • thick genuine leather
  • Nappa padded nose area
  • brass studs and nickel spikes
  • 4 ways adjustable
  • open nose area
  • light-weighted
  • exclusive design
  • very comfortable
  • selected quality

Proper use of this Soft Dog Muzzle:

  • safe dog walking
  • off-leash training
  • dog transporting
  • stop dog biting
  • dog socializing
  • vet visiting
  • travelling

Characteristics of this Soft Dog Muzzle:

  • Material: leather and Nappa
  • Size: made according to the sizes of your American Bulldog


  • black (beige padding inside)

How to measure your dog for the muzzle:

How to size muzzle

1. Length - distance from the tip of the nose to eye line in inches.

2. Circumference - circumference around snout one inch below eye line in inches.

3. Eye Line - distance from eye line to right behind the ears in inches.

4. Neck Circumference - circumference around neck right behind the ears and right behind the jaw (in inches).

5. Width - snout width in the widest part.

6. Height - snout height, should be measured with mouth a little open.

Find more detailed description of dog sizing with pictures here.

If you don't sure what type of muzzle will fit your dog, please, contact us and let us know your dog's breed, age and sizes and we`ll help you to choose the right dog muzzle.

Note: It's not recomended to leave your Bulldog while the muzzle is on. Please, use it only under your control.

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