• Model: L5###1050 Long Lead for Bulldog, 10 mm
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Long Dog Leash for Bulldog Lead Training and Tracking, 10 mm

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Dog Tracking Leash of Strong Leather for Bulldog Training, Walking, Working

See our novelty - long dog lead for professional Bulldog distance training and tracking. This special dog outfit is made of seamless genuine leather, which makes this dog tracking leash super strong and reliable gear in your hands. This leather tracking leash allows to release your Bulldog on long distances during leash obedience training. This model is developed according to the international standards and all the requirements of professional trainers.

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Dog Tracking Leash UK

Best Long Leather Leash for Tracking and Training

Main features of this Long Leather Leash:

  • extra strong and thick leather
  • quick-detach solid snap hook
  • smoothed leather edges
  • reliable stitching
  • handcrafted
  • top quality

Proper use of this Dog Tracking Leash:

  • Bulldog training
  • loose leash walking
  • daily exercising
  • tracking
  • patrolling

Characteristics of this Tracking Lead:

  • Material: real leather, brass hardware
  • Width: 0.4 inch (10 mm)
  • Size: 13 ft (4 m), 20 ft (6 m), 27 ft (8 m), 33 ft (10 m)


  • black
  • brown

Tracking dog leash is an exclusive handmade dog item. Its leather width (10 mm) and reinforced stitching make this long dog leash extra strong and elastic at the same time. Besides, this leather dog lead is much longer than other usual leads, so you can release your pet and have a loose leash walking and training. Just let your Bulldog feel freedom with this long dog lead!

See also this dog tracking leash 0.8 inch (20 mm) wide.

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