• Model: TE21#1050 Jute Bite Pad for Bulldog Puppy
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Puppy Dummy Made of Jute, Bite Pad for Bulldog Training

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Jute Bite Pad for English Bulldog Puppy Training

Every Bulldog puppy owner considers his four-legged "kid" a maverick one and tries to choose something special and unique for his beloved pet. So, if you're looking for such a particular pet product - this puppy bite pad for fun training is just the very thing you could ever find.

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Puppy Bite Tug UK

Bulldog Puppy Small Bite Pad of Natural Jute

Main features of this Puppy Bite Pad:

  • strong and reliable
  • firm nylon loop
  • hypoallergic stuffing
  • careful stitching
  • non-toxic materials
  • handmade
  • top quality

Proper use of this Puppy Training Pad:

  • puppy bite training
  • puppy bite skills development


  • Width: 3.5 inch (9 cm)
  • Length: 3.5 inch (9 cm)


  • Jute

This bite training pad is perfect for Bulldog puppies because it has small size and convenient form for puppy to bite it and to hold it in its mouth. Furthermore, you make take this puppy dummy along with you - just put it into your pocket and entertain your Bully at your convenience.

Our puppy bite pad is made of a natural jute - strong and friendly material for your little Bulldog. You needn't worry for your pet's health when you teach it using this puppy dummy.

Attention! Never leave your Bulldog with the bite tug alone. It's a dog training tool and not a dog chewing toy. Don't let the dog to bite the handle, it's for you to hold the tug. It's only a stuffed part for Bulldog to train in biting.

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