Taking English Bulldog on a Picnic

What Do You Need to Know When Take Your English Bulldog on a Picnic

May 23, 2013 | Bulldog Feeding | By British Bully

If you decided to take your Bulldog on a picnic, then you could use some important advice to make your favourite feel a comfort and also have dog picnic in the open country.

Before going to the picnic:

  1. Choose a place, suitable for your dog rest. Remember, that English Bulldogs can`t handle the heat or strong wind, they need a calm and quite place for good rest.
  2. Make a plan of your trip, including the location of the nearest veterinary and learning how to get there. Our Best Bulldog Vets UK listing will help you to find the nearest veterinary to the place you are going to visit.
  3. Learn, whether you need a permission for your Bulldog presence at the right place you are going to with your favourite.
  4. Find out working hours of the place you want to go.
  5. Learn, whether there are no problems with wild animals there, where you are leaving for.

What do you need to take:

  1. Bulldog food, dog food bowl, water dog bowl
  2. Pet meds
  3. Plates and glasses for yourself
  4. Wet wipes for you and for cleaning your Bulldog wrincles from dust and mud.
If you decided to bathe, you will need to be wiped dry and also to dry your Bulldog to avoid it to catch cold. If it is possible, use only paper products of the secondary recycling. The towels, cutted on patches, will perfectly fit for your English Bulldog.

You should always take a first-aid box with yourself. It is also necessary to take bee sting and snakebite remedies, alcohol and cotton pads or buy alcohol wet wipes; in case, if your dog will overheat, moisture your Bulldog paws, that will alow them to be cooled in a quick way. Besides, you need to process your favourite from dog ticks. Read also Tick Prevention for English Bulldog.

english bulldog in nylon collar with handle

English Bulldog in a Comfortable Nylon Leash

Don`t forget to take a rather large blanket to make a comfort rest for you and your Bulldog. It is also desirable to take an umbrella and a pole to make it possible to tie your dog reliably in the shade, that it didn`t escape anywhere while you have dinner. By the way, Nylon Bulldog Collar and Rope Dog Lead will fit perfectly for tying and bathing your English Bulldog on a picnic.

Having tied your Bulldog, never leave it alone, never leave it also in a car, as it is very hot there in summer and you have a risk to overheat your pet. Remember, that the most important aspect is to make a real dog comfort for your favourite whenever you are. 

So, when you take your English Bulldog on a picnic, remember, that you need to pay a careful attention on your favourite and you both will have perfect rest and have a lot of fun in the open country.

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