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Get Ready for English Bulldog Training

April 26, 2013 | English Bulldog Training | By British Bully

It`s a wrong opinion, that English Bulldog is unfit for training, being stubborn, stupid and snapper dog. I agree only with one of these opinions. Bulldogs are really stubborn dogs. That`s all. As for the rest – they are marvelous and beloved of all the British dogs. But they are bad guardians, if to say the truth. Their jaw constitution, health problems (especially, heart problems) keep them of coming in full force. That`s why, it`s better not to torture your pet on this subject and not to buy it for such purposes. Therefore, let`s pass a guardian point and move to the point of English Bulldog obedience training and companionship with the breed.

English bulldog with a nylon collar

English Bulldog with a Light-Weighted Nylon Collar

So, and if you can do everything through a game with the Stafford, that will not do for the “Englishman”. Due to its serious, intent look and a stubborn temperament, English Bulldog can be a slow-witted like nobody else. But, how can it catch the master in its nets? Nothing to it! Well, first trap is the dog`s appearance. In all these articles we deal with the dogs of the certain age – it`s the age before training (5-6 months). And when such a five-month honey chile lies and snuffles, and looks at you with its widely spaced eyes and a wapperjaw, and you need to punish your cutie, that she didn`t follow your order… Don`t you feel sorry? But it helps to remember, that we have dealings with a BULLDOG, even though it`s English. So, that is the first point, where a loving master makes a mistake. The second point is that English Bulldog`s obstinacy touches upon its idiocy. Well, if you want to achieve success in Bulldog Training, you should become the same with the dog, and such a training attribute, like Nylon Harness, will help you to reach your goals faster. Don`t think your Bulldog doesn`t understand something – the dog understands everything as good as you. The dog is also quite aware that it is trained and refuses the obedience at all.

English Bulldog is really rather smart (it`s bad for a trainer). Therefore, your task is as simple as ABC – you have to crush the dog`s obstinacy. Finally, there arrives those triumphant moment, when its spirit is broken and you have no more problems with the dog. English Bulldog follows all the orders constantly, studiously and with its full concentration. So, you needn`t to play any games with the “Englishman”… Take Braided leather Lead, Strong Durable Dog Collar, some treats and be ready for monotonous work, using a constant mechanics. The dog`s obstinacy will help us!

english bulldog wearing leather collar for training
Perfect Wide Leather Collar for English Bulldog

And now let`s talk about the problem of dominant behavior. You can fairly often feel the sting of this problem. Being two years of age, an unmannered dog can bite all the family of its master. That`s queer, but the dog rarely if ever bites its master. We had barely heard of such cases. One can`t say that it is a supersociable dog. Whether near by a human or whether being alone – Bulldog feels itself rather good in both cases.

A short resume – English Bulldog will perfectly do for an urban dweller, having a small apartment, maybe a little health problems and leading not much active lifestyle, but having a vicious and harsh temper.

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