Usual or Flexi Dog Leash?

What to Choose for Bulldog: Dog Walking Leash or Flexi?

Flexi and usual dog walking leash are indispensable accessories for Bulldog's daily activities. They are among the first to buy. It's impossible to go outside without a dog leash. So which one dog leash to choose for Bulldog? Let's find out Bulldogs' owners opinions.

Leash for English Bulldog

Dog Leash Is a Must-Have for Bulldog Walking and Training

View #1. I Choose Flexi Dog Leash

I prefer flexi usage. There are some imperfections by no means, f.e. the dog is much more difficult kept under control with the help of flexi. Why flexi is my choice? It may seem for someone that it's my Bulldog has taken me for a walk and not the reverse. But I don't think about self-affirmation. My Bulldog likes to sniff everything and the aim of his walks is to run, to smell and do its duties. That's why flexi is the very accessory for us.

Flexi Tape Dog Leads UK

Flexi Tape Lead for Bulldog Easy Walking

I bought 7 m long flexi the first time. Now I use 5 m long leash. I usually use flexi dog leash, which is intended for medium-sized dogs. This model has comfortable handle, which doesn't slide out of the hand. You have to adapt to flexi. First it will be not so convenient for you to use this leash, especially when you want to pull up your Bulldog immediately.

English Bulldog Leash

Bulldog Leash Should Be Safe, Reliable and Convenient

There are tape and rope flexi leashes. Rope has grave disadvantage – it can hurt a hand or legs if Bulldog run suddenly and the lead touched them. That's why never try to catch the rope with your hands.

Tape is less traumatizing. The main point is not to buy Chinese copycats. Choose only quality flexi dog leashes of famous dog trademarks (like this one you can see on the photo above). You will pay more, but the leash will serve you for a long time.

View#2. I Choose Usual Dog Leash

Dog leash is my choice. It's very difficult for me to control my Bulldog with flexi. I should keep my finger on fixing button all the time so that I could click – fix, click – release the fixation in time. Rope is tangled in trees, bushes in the flicker of a second.

English Bulldog Leash UK

Strong Leather Leash with Braided Elements

Bulldog feels discomfort when plays on flexi tape and it's even dangerous for the dog. Besides, when you hear loud clicks and the noise of flexi leash in the dark, you always expect that a dog's owner will amputate your legs with flexi lead. Usual dog leash is much simpler.

English Bulldog Leashes UK

Nylon Leash Is Perfect for Wet and Rainy Weather

First, because the length of the leash (2.5 – 3 m) is enough to give Bulldog freedom. You can always pull up your Bulldog when you need and walk it alongside. You can hold the leash by two hands if the dog pulls on the leash. You can change the speed of your Bulldog. Even unavoidable pulling at sudden stop can be softened by your hand's absorption. You can speed up, slow down and take your Bulldog aside with subtle movement of your fingers if you have enough experience.

English Bulldog Leashes

Chain Leash for Walks in Style and Bulldog Control

Second, you have always release, throw the leash on the ground – it won't do any harm to your Bulldog. It's easy to pick up the leash at any moment. You won't do this with flexi! How many Bulldog puppies were frightened with rattling sound of flexi lead dragging on the ground. It's also easier to wash the dog leash than flexi rope or tape. The dog leash is more durable than flexi. Quality dog lead can hardly be spoiled in several places like retractable leash. We tried to show you pros and cons of dog lead and retractable leash and what will you choose for your Bulldog?

The best leashes for Bulldogs, click on the pictures!

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