Bestseller! Leather Dog Muzzle Soft Felt Padded for French Bulldog

Hello, my name is Ursula and I bought the muzzle for my French Bulldog from you. I send you photos here as I have no Facebook account. I don't know whether the muzzle is a bit large, but it holds reliably and the dog can't take it off. We have already visited a vet and everything went well. Unfortunately, my dog bites much at the vet. There was the only problem that the muzzle had been too long on chin. I had taken it to leathercrafter and he moved a loop a bit back. Now it looks better. It is there, where a silver rivet on the photo. I would like to thank you for friendly and qualified support. The video about how to train the dog to the muzzle is very helpful too. I am very pleased with the product. If you have some offers or comments, I will be glad to hear them. Thank you very much and best regards.

Ursula, Gundelfingen, Germany, 06/01/2018
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