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Service Dog Harness of Nylon, Smart Design for Professional Use

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Professional Nylon Harness for Rescue and Service Work

Are you in search of professional harness for rescue work? We are glad to offer you our novelty - service dog harness that was designed together with professional cynologists! This harness is the latest development in pro dog training gear. It is suitable for SAR, K9, police and military work, all kinds of dog training, tracking, pulling and patrolling. The harness is extra strong, water-resistant and light-weighted as it is made of nylon. This material is perfectly suitable for any weather and heavy loads. This is the best dog harness for service dogs as it is multifunctional, practical, very comfortable and convenient in use.

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Service Dog Harness UK

Service Dog Harness of Extra Strong and Weather-Resistant Nylon

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Service Dog Harnesses for Sale

Handles on Both Sides, 2 D-Rings and Quick-Release Buckles

Main features of this Service Dog Harness:

  • extra strong and durable
  • water-resistant
  • wide adjustable straps
  • 2 rustproof D-rings
  • handles on both sides
  • 2 quick-release buckles
  • professional design
  • top quality

Proper use of this Harness for Service Dogs:

  • rescue work
  • transportation
  • police and military service


  • Material: nylon
  • Sizes: M, L


  • black

How to Size Dog Harness:


  • around the breast behind the fore feet (red color on the illustration): 28-37 inch (70-95 cm)


  • around the breast behind the fore feet (red color on the illustration): 28-37 inch (70-95 cm)

This harness for service dogs is stitched for additional durability. It is maximum safe for the dog. The harness has 2 handles on both sides. They are intended to carry your canine or to keep it close to you.

Straps of this SAR dog harness are wide. They won't rub or cut into the dog's skin. You can always regulate the size of the harness as straps are adjustable.

You will easily put the harness on your dog with the help of 2 reinforced quick-release buckles. One click and each buckle is locked or opened.

Top of the harness has 2 D-rings, which serve for dog lifting and transportation. There is also a large Velcro to attach a CV camera, gear for intelligence-gathering, small load and other special equipment. This harness is ideal for different tasks because of its smart design and top quality!

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