• Model: C40##1050 Nylon Collar for Bullmastiff
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Bullmastiff Collar of Nylon for Any Weather Walking and Training

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Strong Nylon Collar of Classic Design for Bullmastiff

What kind of dog collar is best for everyday use? Not every Bullmastiff collar is suitable for walking and training in all weather, but this one is a great solution for your large canine. Why? This collar is made of nylon, which is hard-wearing, resistant to wet and water. This Bullmastiff dog collar won't tear under the influence of heavy loads and won't stretch when get wet. Classic design of the collar is always in trend. Your Bullmastiff will feel comfort and will be always under your control with this nylon dog collar!

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Nylon Dog Collar UK

Functional Nylon Collar for All-Weather Use

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Fabric Dog Collar UK

Traditional Buckle and Sound D-Ring of Nickel-Plated Steel

Main features of this Bullmastiff Dog Collar:

  • double-ply and wet-resistant
  • rustproof nickel-plated steel fittings
  • D-ring for leash fastening
  • reliably stitched
  • traditional buckle
  • extra durable
  • classic design
  • top quality
  • Proper use of this Bullmastiff Collar:

    • Bullmastiff walking
    • Bullmastiff training
    • Bullmastiff control


    • Material: nylon
    • Size: for dogs with 16-40 inches neck size
    • Width: 1.5 inches (40 mm)
    • Hardware: nickel-plated steel


    • black

    How to Measure Dog Collar Size for Bullmastiff:

    How to Size Dog Collar

    Please, follow the main rules when choose a dog collar for your Bullmastiff:

    • How to determine dog collar size? Write the exact neck circumference of your Bullmastiff without adding any notion. Our experts will take into account all the details for the dog collar according to Bullmastiff's neck size.
    • How dog collar should fit? Each collar has 5 holes, the distance between holes is 1 inch (25 mm) so the collar can be adjusted to 2 inches smaller (A, B) and 2 inches larger (D, E).
    • The distance between one end of the collar to the third hole (C) is the actual size of your Bullmastiff's neck.
    • If you have Bullmastiff puppy or young Bullmastiff, take into account that it will grow, gain weight, that's why write us the age, breed and sex of your dog.

    Double-ply nylon strap makes this Bullmastiff dog collar extra durable and reliable. The collar is stitched for maximum strength. The buckle is of traditional design for handy use. The D-ring for leash attachment is sturdy. Metal details of this collar for Bullmastiff are resistant to rust being made of nickel-plated steel. Walk and train your Bullmastiff in all weather with this practical collar!

    Take a Look at Bullmastiff with Our Classic Nylon Collar
    Photos from Our Clients

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    Bullmastiff Collars UK

    Bullmastiff with Practical and Comfortable Collar

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    Bullmastiff Dog Collars UK

    Solid and Resistant to Rust Metal Details

    Choose matching dog leash for this nylon collar!

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