Photo Contest My Dog & New Year Holidays

Christmas Contest
Dear Fellows!
You are welcome to participate in the Photo Contest My Dog & New Year Holidays from English Bulldog Dog Breed Store and win a harness and toys!
Send us the pictures of your Bulldogs with Christmas/New Year symbols: fairy lights, mistletoe, Santa hat etc.
3 photos that will get the greatest number of 'Likes' till midnight 15.01.2017 win.

How to win in the contest and get supercool prizes?
1) Send us a photo of your Bulldog to with the "English Bulldog Store Photo Contest" title and give a brief description for it with the name of your Bully. Give us the link to your Facebook account so we can tug you to the post. Make sure that it is not too large before sending the picture to prevent its loss at the server.
2) Wait until we post the photo at our official Facebook page Pet Boutique 'Lovely Bulldog'. We will inform you about it to start sharing with your friends to get as many 'Likes' as possible.

1 place: BEST SELLER NYLON BULLDOG HARNESS with matching lead!
Bulldog Harness
Win one of the most popular dog harnesses for your Bulldog walking & training.

Bulldog Tug Ball
This soft stuffed bite tug can be yours for free! Train your Bulldog with pleasure!

3 place: WATER TOY BALL ON STRING or BIG RUBBER BALL ON ROPE depending upon a size of your Bully
Fun Rubber Toy
Play with your Bully at home, outside and even in water with our rubber ball on string.
Please note!
The more photos you send us - the more chances for you to win! Pay your attention, please, that each photo takes place in the competition separately and the 'Likes' for several photos of the same Bulldog are not summed up together. But go ahead to send one or several photos for the competition. Each of them has the full power to win.
We will also be grateful to you for sending us the photos of your Bulldogs with our products.
P.S. We will deliver the prizes all over the world, wherever your Bulldog is. There are no borders for us!

Mind you to share the jolly good news with your friends!

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