My Bulldog Is Pulling - How Can I Stop It?

How Can I Stop My Bulldog Pulling on a Lead?

June 28, 2013 | Dog Pulling| By British Bully

Variant 1:

Walk in advance considered direction. When you will feel that your Bulldog is pulling, stop and wait immediately. When the dog will stop pulling (probably, it will turn back to look what you do), call your pet up. Give the dog a command "Sit" when it comes up to you. Then tell your Bulldog "Yes", treat it and continue your walk. If Bulldog continues pulling on the leash, repeat the previous steps: stop and wait while the dog will cease pulling the leash, then call up your pet, force it to sit, tell "Yes", treat and continue your walk. Praise a dog for it walk nearby, glance at you while you walking at each opportunity.

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If you continue this dog leash training constantly, your English Bullog will understand that:

1) If English Bulldog walks nearby and glances at you, then it receives a dog treat and goes for a walk further.

2) If English Bulldog pulls a lead, nothing good will come of it, as it can't continue a walk and has to come up to you and to sit down.

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If you see that Bulldog is pulling on the leash in the direction of a place it wants to sniff or mark, follow the same rules. But when the dog comes up to you and sit nearby, tell "Yes" and allow it to walk to that place (go nearby and don't allow your dog to pull you). In a few days or weeks you will find out that you have to stop less often. Don't forget to encourage your Bulldog with a pet treat for good behavior, otherwise, the dog will start pulling again. By the way, it will be much easier for you to teach your Bulldog to walk on a leash with no pulling harness, such as multipurpose nylon harness.

Variant 2: 

Before a walk call Bulldog by name to draw its attention. When the dog will look at you, show that you hold in your hand some dog training treats. You hold a hand before its muzzle so that your pet could see an entertainment or even could try to grab a slice. Tell: "We will go for a walk" and go in chosen direction. Every few seconds throw a small slice of dog treats into a dog's mouth. Praise your pet that it runs near you. If your English Bulldog stops to sniff something, or pulls you, stop and draw the dog's attention. Force it to sit, show a dog treat and continue your walk.

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Gradually, in a few weeks, raise a hand with a gourmet dog treat above or closer to yourself. If the dog jumps to reach a delicious dog slice, tell "No" and hide a hand. When Bulldog will stay with its all four paws on the ground again, tell "Well" and show a dog treat on your hand again. When you encourage your dog, throw a delicacy to its mouth. When the dog will learn to walk near you, without pulling a lead while your hand is in your usual position, start hiding a hand in a pocket. Often treat a dog. After a while, you will be able to walk, having extended a hand along a body in a comfortable position, lowering it in a pocket from time to time to get some tasty treat for your Bulldog. Over some time, gradually increasing the time interval between dog entertainments, you will accustom your dog to walk nearby for a long distances and not to look around so often.

Variant 3:

(don't apply on Bulldog with choke chain or pinch collar)

Some English Bulldogs are too stubborn to understand that they shouldn't pull when you stop, wait and treat the dog. So, how to stop your dog pulling on a lead in such a difficult situation? Try to accustom your pet to such a trick – if your Bulldog is pulling, this will serve you as a signal to go back home immediately. You have to connect this prevention with the subsequent action.

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When your dog is pulling on the leash again, tell "Take your time". If the dog obeys and goes more slowly, tell "Yes" and call it up to treat in motion. If the dog doesn't obey and still pulling on the lead, you tell nothing. Simply pull the lead sharply that your dog have felt it. If your pet runs, catching up with you, then praise it. When it will run up to you, turn around and go at the initial direction. If Bulldog is still pulling a dog lead, turn around again. The dog will understand, that pullling is bad because you will draw back the lead and your pet will take itself off from that place where it wants to get. Follow the same rules certainly to encourage the dog if it doesn't pull the lead during the walk.

Note. Keep in mind, that if the dog RUNS very fast and is pulling the lead, you can traumatize it if you suddenly draw back the lead, didn't loosing the leash before. Let the mass force to be taken on your hand at turning - thus, you won't hurt your dog.

Variant 4:

(don't apply on Bulldog with choker or prong collar)

More stubborn Bulldogs will pulling on lead until you won't pull them at dog collar. Accompany your prevention with corresponding action.

English Bulldog Collar to Stop Pulling

English Bulldog with Stop Pulling Safe Collar

When the dog runs away, pulls on the lead, tell: "Take your time". If it runs more slowly, call the dog up and treat it without stopping. If Bulldog doesn't obey and pulls on the lead again, repeat "I told, take your time!" in stronger tone, also pull the lead so that the dog could feel the pressure upon its neck. Put out your hand, having weakened the lead for the subsequent hitch. Draw back the lead instead of pulling. Probably, you should repeat it several times while the dog hadn't obeyed.

Note. Remember, that if you pull by the collar too hard, you can injure Bulldog's neck as its trachea is very sensitive to blows, therefore, be extremely careful, using this method.

Our article about teaching a dog to walk on a leash will be very useful for you during your exercising with Bulldog. And if your pet doesn't want to walk on the lead, then see my Bulldog refuses to walk on a lead - what shall I do?

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