How to Teach English Bulldog "Down" Dog Command

English Bulldog Training to Lay Down

1. Call your Bully and show that you hold a dog treat in your right hand. Down the hand to the ground (floor) between the forepaws of the dog when it's sitting or standing. Allow your English Bulldog to lick your hand, but don't give the dog treat until Bully has laid down.

English Bulldog Training to Run

English Bulldog Is Trained to Run the "Down" Command

Some Bulldogs lay down very unwillingly. Start with praising, treating the dog for it has put down the elbows. Then you take time before to give the treat and Bulldog will finally lay down because it's easier to lay than to stand in such inconvenient position. Repeat this exercise for several times.

2. Now when your English Bulldog lays down quickly enough to get the treat, you can tell the dog: "Down", - as soon as it has laid down. Tell in a few seconds: "Good boy (good girl), down" and give the treat to the dog. Repeat the exercise for 3-5 times.

English Bulldog Training to Lay Down

English Bulldog Lays Down Gladly When It's Treated

3. Take Bulldog chew treat in your left hand and down your right hand to the ground in front of the dog as if you hold something in it. Tell: "Down!" As soon as your English Bulldog has laid down, say: "Good boy (good girl), down!" and give the treat with your left hand. Repeat this exercise for several times.

4. Tell once "Down!" Now you don't put down your hand constantly, but clap your hand by the ground and remove it, then clap your hand by the ground once again. If English Bulldog is mused, hold your hand at the ground longer till it lays down. Then remove your left hand and treat the dog with right hand. Repeat the exercise for several times.

English Bulldog Down Dog Command Training

English Bulldog Will Learn the "Down" Command After a While

5. Tell the command once. Lay down English Bulldog, praise and treat the dog. Try to be in time to put another one Bulldog chew treat out of the pocket and give it to the dog while the it is laying. If Bulldog has stood up, change the place. Repeat the exercise for several times trying to give the dog two-three pieces of treats by turn every time and to tell "Walk" until the dog stands up.

Give English Bulldog the command "Down" before feeding, praise the dog, tell "Walk" and put down the feeder with dog food instead of treating. Do this for two-three days.

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