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Choke Chain of Chromized Steel with Toggle for Bulldogs

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Herm Sprenger Choke Chain Collar with Toggle for Bulldog

Choke chains are admitted to be among the most effective behavior correction dog collars. One can easily find a good quality item at the dog market today, but our company went even further then just providing you with high-quality choke collar by world-known Herm Sprenger producer from Germany. They changed simple chain by a toggle, which, together with a dead ring, make a loop around the canine's neck. Use the collar effectively for walking or Bulldog training, but be extremely attentive while choosing the size of this dog product. The collar of a proper size won't hurt your Bully!

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Bulldog Choke Chain with Toggle

Chromium-Plated Steel Choke Chain for Bulldog

Herm Sprenger choke collars are made with special chrome electroplating technology covering the collar with a thin layer of chromium. Because of that technology the surface of the collar becomes smooth and shining. This results in the product's super strength, resistance to corrosion and better breaking load.

Key features of this Choke Collar:

  • welded and polished links
  • corrosion-resistant
  • 2 O-rings for leash
  • extra strong and durable
  • light-weighted
  • top quality

Intended use of this Herm Sprenger Choke Chain:

  • Bulldog obedience training
  • Bulldog walking


  • Size: 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, 26 inches
  • Chain pitch: 3mm
  • Weight: 4.1 oz - 5.1 oz (120-150 g)


  • chromium-plated steel

How to Measure Dog for Collar?

How to Size Choke Dog Collar

Please, follow the main rules when choose a choker for your Bulldog:

  • Choke collars are pulled over the dog's head and you have to measure Bulldog's head and neck circumference in the widest parts (blue line on the picture).
  • Compare head and neck circumference and add 2-3 inches to the bigger size to specify corresponding length of the choke collar.
  • Perfect size of the collar is when it easily goes over Bulldog's head and touches ears not much.
  • If you have a Bulldog puppy or a young Bulldog, please, keep in mind that it will grow up, put on weight that's why write us age, breed and sex of your dog.

Strong chain made of steel, special chrome plating, solid O-rings and, of course, a toggle make this English Bulldog collar worth of not only your attention, but also your money. Teach your Bulldog to behave with this professional collar!

Please, stick to the chart below to get to know about the sizes of the choke collar:

20 inch (50 cm) - fits the Bulldog with the neck circumference of 17-18 inches (43-45 cm)

22 inch (55 cm) - fits the Bulldog with the neck circumference of 19-20 inches (48-50 cm)

24 inch (60 cm) - fits the Bulldog with the neck circumference of 21-22 inches (53-55 cm)

26 inch (65 cm) - fits the Bulldog with the neck circumference of 23-24 inches (58-60 cm)

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Choke Chain with Toggle

Toggle Forms a Loop Around Bulldog's Neck

Remember to use choke collars properly!

It is not recommended to use choke collars for puppies (under 6 months).

The most significant issue for safe and easy use of this collar type is a correct fit. That is why, please, measure your Bulldog properly as shown above before purchasing this product!

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