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Dog Dumbbell Wooden for Bulldog, French Linen Covered Bar, 1 Kg

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Retrieve Training Dumbbell of Natural Wood with French Linen Cover for Bulldogs

This dog dumbbell weights 1 kg. It is perfect for young Bulldogs to make progress in retrieving after lightweight dumbbells. So if you're going to prepare your Bully for Schutzhund and other international trials, where the dog should show its retrieve skills, the dumbbell is a must-have tool for this work. Moreover, we make the dumbbells, which are used at championships, so you choose the item that meets international standards. Make your Bulldog training successful with this pro dumbbell!

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Dog Dumbbell UK Wooden

One Kg Dumbbell for Bulldog Physical Development

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Wooden Dog Dumbbell 1 Kg

Schutzhund Training Dumbbell Satisfies International Standards

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Wood Dog Dumbbell

Dumbbell of Natural Hardwood with French Linen Cover

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Wooden Dog Training Dumbbell

Pro Dumbbells for Young Bulldog Retrieve Training

Main features of this Dog Dumbbell of Wood:

  • dry hard-grained wood
  • French Linen covered bar
  • Bulldog's teeth safe
  • highly polished
  • easy in use
  • non-toxic
  • top quality

Proper use of this Wood Dog Dumbbell:

  • retrieve work
  • Schutzhund, IPO, KNPV, Rings
  • trials

Sizes and Weight:

  • 9 x 5 inch (23 x 13 cm)
  • 1000 g


  • natural wood and French Linen

The dumbbell is of dried hardwood. The bar is covered with French Linen. The materials are dog-friendly. The cover protects your Bulldog's teeth and makes the dumbbell holding in mouth tight. Our dog training dumbbell is unbreakable. It is intended for intensive usage. Convenient, handy and effective tool for your Bulldog training is here!

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