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Large Groovy Ball Dog Toy for Healthy Bites and Entertainment

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Bright Rubber Treat Dispensing Groovy Ball for Large and Adult Bulldogs

Healthy lifestyle is very important for English Bulldog as for you! That's why the careful choice of dog food, treats and toys should come first. Can you imagine that it's possible to combine wholesome mealtimes with interactive games, oral hygiene, mental and physical development? It seems that it just doesn't add up, but Starmark Academy did! As a result you see this groovy ball dog toy, which performs all the functions mentioned above. Unreally cool and useful English Bulldog chew toy for your pet is here!

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English Bulldog Chew Toys

Pink Groovy Toy of Large Size for Grown-Up Bulldogs

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Bulldog Chew Toys

Two-in-One - Treats Dispenser and Holder

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Best Bulldog Chew Toys

Everlasting and Dog-Friendly Starmark Groovy Toy

Main features of this English Bulldog Chew Toy:

  • holds small pieces of kibble and good-sized treats
  • hard if not impossible to destruct
  • made of everlasting rubber
  • latex, vinyl and phthalates free
  • resists hours of chewing
  • takes care of Bulldog's mouth cavity
  • safe for Bulldog's teeth
  • free Bulldog's mind from boredom and anxiety
  • easy washable and quiet on the floor
  • top quality from Starmark Academy

Proper use of this Groovy Ball Dog Toy:

  • for large and adult Bulldogs
  • prevents overeating
  • challenging tasks for Bulldog
  • mental and physical development
  • reduces active Bulldogs anxiety
  • interactive dog games
  • oral care and gums massage

Sizes and Weight:

  • Large: 4 x 5 inch (10 x 13 cm)
  • Weight: 16.9 oz (480 g)


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Everlasting and dog-friendly rubber chew toy is intended for large and grown-up Bulldogs. The toy is resistant to bites and scratches even of the hardest chewer! Easy cleanable and washable. Can be used every day. It will save your Bulldog from boredom, entertain the dog and will bring up its mood!

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Healthy Dog Treats UK

Healthy Dog Kibble for Large Groovy Toy

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Organic Dog Treats

Chew Treats of Large Size for Everlasting Groovy Ball

Our experts recommend to use this dog kibble and treats you can see on the pictures above for such groovy toys because they are eversafe, natural, nutritional and balanced products for Bulldogs from the early puppyhood till the adult.

An option of Additional treat allows you to order small interactive treats or everlasting round treat.

Need more dog treats for your Bully? You can find small dog kibble here.

Please be advised that when you order this groovy toy, you get it with one round chew treat. More everlasting round dog chew treats are here.

This Instructional Video will show you how to insert Everlasting Chew Treats

This everlasting groovy dog toy is also available in small and medium sizes.

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