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Bullmastiff Dog Collar of Pure White Leather with Blue Stones

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White Leather Collar of Fabulous Design for Bullmastiff

What dog collar is best to accentuate your Bullmastiff's beauty and to give it comfort during walking? We know how much you love your dog and offer only the finest accessories like this white leather dog collar of incomparable design. The collar is adorned with fabulous azure stones and silver-like circles. Your Bullmastiff will always be in the limelight with this collar on! Moreover, this Bullmastiff collar is very durable for handling your powerful dog. The collar is intended to make walks with Bullmastiff bright, comfortable and safe!

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Bulldog Collar UK

White Leather Bullmastiff Collar with Vintage Circles and Blue Stones

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Bulldog Collars

Nickel-Plated Steel Buckle and D-Ring for Reliable Bullmastiff Handling

Main features of this Bullmastiff Collar:

  • full grain leather
  • nickel-plated studs and blue stones
  • rounded and polished leather edges
  • nickel-plated steel buckle and D-ring
  • metal details are fixed with polished rivets
  • easy regulated size
  • fabulous design
  • top quality

Proper use of this Collar for Bullmastiff:

  • Bullmastiff walking
  • Bullmastiff training
  • Bullmastiff control


  • Material: natural leather
  • Size: for dogs with 18-36 inches neck size
  • Width: 1.5 inches (40 mm)


  • white

How to Measure Dog Collar Size for Bullmastiff:

How to Size Dog Collar

Please, follow the main rules when choose a dog collar for your Bullmastiff:

  • How to determine dog collar size? Write the exact neck circumference of your Bullmastiff without adding any notion. Our experts will take into account all the details for the dog collar according to Bullmastiff's neck size.
  • How dog collar should fit? Each collar has 5 holes, the distance between holes is 1 inch (25 mm) so the collar can be adjusted to 2 inches smaller (A, B) and 2 inches larger (D, E).
  • The distance between one end of the collar to the third hole (C) is the actual size of your Bullmastiff's neck.
  • If you have Bullmastiff puppy or young Bullmastiff, take into account that it will grow, gain weight, that's why write us the age, breed and sex of your dog.

This Bullmastiff dog collar is made by hands of drum dyed full grain natural leather. The collar won't color your dog's coat and won't cause any allergy as leather and dye are non-toxic. Leather edges are carefully worked-out to prevent fur damage and skin rubbing.

Awesome adornments are carefully hand set and fixed with polished rivets. The size of this collar for Bullmastiff is easy to regulate with the help of a buckle. The buckle is of traditional design. It is easy in use. A leash is attached to sound D-ring. Any type of snap hook is suitable for the D-ring. Metal details are of nickel-plated steel. The collar is a real catch! It is fashionably functional, convenient and comfy!

Take a Look at Bullmastiff with Our Fabulous White Leather Collar
Photos from Our Clients

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Bullmastiff Collars UK

Bullmastiff Looks Stunningly with the Collar

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Bullmastiff Dog Collar

Amazing Adornments on Wide White Leather Strap

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Bullmastiff Dog Collars UK

Close View of Buckle and D-Ring with Attached Leash

This collar is also available in pink leather for female Bullmastiff.

Choose matching dog leash for this nylon collar!

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